Do you have a piece of furniture that ‘looks tired’ or doesn’t fit your décor but is one you want to keep?

We can help by dressing it up with a painted theme. You choose the subject matter and colors and we take it from there. We can also do minor repairs to stabilize and add years to its’ life. Your cherished but unused item can become a show piece – an heirloom.

Any inspiration can become the basis for wall or floor creations. A favorite flower, landscape, still life or any object can be used to create the foundation for this flat surface application. We provide preliminary sketches from your idea (or we’ll help you come up with one) for your review and approval. A great deal of individual personality can be infused to create a unique atmosphere.

Clocks – wall, mantle and free standing, mirrors, picture frames, candlesticks, glassware and boxes can give a room a needed aura. Items can be painted to your specifications. Art is a wonderful gift which gives that uninteresting surface in your home a distinctive flair. Items such as mirrors and clocks are handmade and can be designed and sized to your needs.

Your favorite floral arrangement, travel destination, house portrait, pet or special landscape can be captured in a one of a kind acrylic, watercolor, ink or mixed media painting. These are framed and ready to hang. What a perfect and thoughtful gift or special statement in your home.

We have an inventory of hand crafted items ready for you. Look these over and see if anything satisfies your needs or trigger an inspiration. Contact us for details.

We use historical roofing slate (approximately 13” by 20”) to create unique one of a kind paintings. These may become welcome signs, name signs, or paintings of something relevant and personal to you. The finished slate is waterproofed and suitable to hang indoors or out. These are beautiful and have a wonderful patina. They make great gifts for a friend or even for yourself.

Roberta will provide you with a portrait of your home in an 16" by 20" format in a quality frame ready for display at a cost of $125 plus shipping. Basic rendition is pen and ink with watercolor highlights which includes your name and address lettered at the base of the picture. All that is required is a digital photo of your home or business. More detailed painting in acrylic is available at extra cost.

We offer you the wonderful opportunity to suggest design possibilities, finish options and specific features such as bread board ends, joinery choices, table legs, wood selections and so on. Finishing options include hand painted detail or stain or combination of both. Sizing to meet your space needs.

A truly unique statement to enhance your home will be the result.

We are available to assist you in determining the look you want. You are limited only by your imagination. You may be interested in a one of a kind bookcase for a child’s room that could replicate turn of the century row houses or a magical castle. How about a custom table with a faux finished marble top? Perhaps a nightstand, apothecary cabinet, shaker wall clock or ????

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